25 Stylish Indoor Dog Houses That Any Pooch Will Fall In Love With

There are some dogs that are just too awesome to sleep outside. The old Snoopy style dog houses just won’t do. Still, they deserve a place of their very own in the home. Here are some awesome indoor abodes for our canine comrades.

1. This is a deluxe doggy suite, complete with private sleeping chambers, rotating food and water bowls, and a shower!

Savefrom houzz.com163DesignHouse - Debra Taylor PurvisPet friendly ideas and rooms

2. Side tables are awesome, inconspicuous sleeping spots for your house guardian.

Savefrom homemydesign.comTammy BarkerOutdoor/Indoor Dog Houses

3. Help your furry friend feel closer to the family at dinner time.

Savefrom homestoriesatoz.com1Kylee Best RuckerFor the love of Dogs

4. Color coordination is all the rage… despite partial color blindness.

Savefrom homemydesign.comSamantha JuarezStanley.

5. You can use negative space in walls to give your pooch a place to relax.

Savefrom houzz.com21Janelle NelsonPet houses

6. It’s a hound hutch!

Savefrom homemydesign.com1Jane MartensonAdorable Dogs

7. If your alarm doesn’t wake you up… 

Savefrom homemydesign.comPatricia PiccoloOnly the Best for My Pet ✿⊱╮

8. The space under a staircase is perfect, but what kind of dog does this family keep in theirs?! A mastiff?!

Savefrom homemydesign.com1Jadyn🐴🐴 Allen🐴🐴Dog houses+dog beds

9. Here’s an idea if you have some extra kitchen counter space.

Savefrom tailandfur.com1Amber SchnippelDog Houses

10. Here’s a cute little wooden hideaway bed for the wee ones.

Savefrom homemydesign.comSofia RamirezTeddy b

11. Hmm, maybe the rumbling white-noise of the dryer helps him sleep.

Savefrom homemydesign.comAmy SlowikDog crate cover

12. This under-stairs dog house is perfect if your pooch likes having a view. (Those house rules are great)

SaveBuzzFeed1Shelley WagnerPuppy love

13. This little nightstand bed is comfy inside and out.

SaveEtsy3Marta CunhaCEO Office

14. Or, if you have the room, gives each of your dogs their own crash space.

Savefrom homemydesign.com2Amy SlowikDog crate cover

15. Hidden dog beds can come in all shapes and sizes.

SaveEtsyJess MonasMoxie's Corner

16. And I do mean ALL shapes and sizes.

SaveDIYHeather Kellydachshund stuff

17. Seriously, all of them.

Savefrom homemydesign.comSofia RamirezTeddy b

18. Here’s one for the literate pooches out there.

Savefrom homesandhues.comJulia HendersonDog Love

19. Steal a book from this library, I dare ya!

Savefrom Uploaded by user1AJ RoseArmin's bed ideas

20. Here’s another example of using negative wall space.

Savefrom homemydesign.comMargaret TBarkitecture

21. Wow, that’s a lot of white.

Savefrom dog-milk.com81UrbanBaby{Storage} toys & books at UrbanBaby

22. Or you can give your 4 legged friend their very own 4 paneled door, complete with human door handle? Hmm.

Savefrom instructables.com29845Layla H.Fur-Children

23. A perfect spot for catching crumbs and sniffing shoes.

Savefrom traditionalhome.com856329Mai SpyFur Babies

24. Here’s a great way to upcycle an old TV. “Look Ma, I’m a star!”

Savefrom ema-online.org17578Hipcycle[Random] Upcycled

25. “Shaken, not stirred.”

from speedkingdoms.blogspot.com
Sady RingnellDog houses


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